Mobile Application Development Company

We deliver business-driven mobile software solutions.

We keep up with constantly evolving technologies and trends to help our customers navigate mobile landscape with an up-to-date iOS, Android and Windows software solutions.

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Design functional apps

Our mobile application development company designs software for smartphones and tablets with a simple philosophy in mind - for information technology in the right hands impossible is nothing. Our software developers know how to empower you with a smart mobile application and solve the most challenging problems with a bespoke mobile app development. Our company puts the user first ensuring that our products deliver an engaging digital experience.

Bespoke app development for any purpose

Our development company build mobile software that creates great user experience catering your customers’ needs. We also develop software tools that can help you optimise, automate and speed processes within your company increasing your productivity and efficiency. Whether you need:
  • a complex enterprise-level app focused on task performance;
  • or an end-user product with outstanding UX that keeps your customers engaged;
Our company with 50+ passionate in-house app developers will convert your idea into a working software that makes a difference. Your application functionality and look depends on your company’s needs and goals.

Tailor-made mobile software

We deliver tailor-made software customising it to your business objectives. Since 2010 we have been collaborating with startups, SMEs and large established companies across various market sectors. We have expertise in delivering software that helps in solving organisational challenges, reaching the target audience and improving sales. Among the industry sectors we have already gained sufficient experience in:
  • Automation
  • Financial
  • Pharmaceutical & Healthcare
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Education
  • Logistics and many others.
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iOS development

Our company mastered iOS application development delivering the most secure software solutions for the most stable and secure platform. iOS app design is in demand because it provides great functionality creating a productive working environment and stunning visuality and animation engaging users who are considered to be the most willing to pay.

iPhone apps that improve your interaction with customers

iPhone software development can provide your a twenty-four seven mobile representative. Our talented designers will mirror your business visual identity using all the benefit of Apple’s Retina display and improve user experience benefiting from 3D Touch and other iPhone’s capabilities available to the members of Apple Developer Program. Whatever functionality you want to implement we can deal with it as aces. Incredible functions are available for iPhone software development including Push Notifications, Social Media integration, Payment systems and many others, all of them ensure that you will be able:

Improve interaction with your customers;

Promote and advertise your brand;

Empower your customers with app functionality showing that you appreciate their loyalty.

iPad enterprise applications

iPad application development can transform the way you run your business and make your company mobile and hence such working aspects as decision making, internal communicating, reporting and others will be streamlined increasing your productivity. New multitasking feature with three working modes: Picture in Picture, Split View, and Slide Over allows to perform several operations simultaneously. For instance, you can check date during a video call to your coworker, or look through messages from your business partner without leaving your application and much more. Implementing Background mode, iCloud functionality, and other iPad’s features we can write a program that will be able to

  • Automate routine operations;
  • Safely store and share information;
  • Process real-time data;
  • Give access to the workplace from any location and help solve other business challenges.

Android development

Android applications design can help you embrace 80% market share and hence reach the largest audience of your potential customers. Over 20,000 unique devices from well-known brands run this operating system including HTC, Samsung, LG, and Sony. As an open source software, it provides software developers with excellent opportunities of complete personalisation of the program. Supported by Google Android OS is regularly updated making the most capabilities of the new smartphone models available even on old ones. One more aspect that speaks in favour of Android app development is its quick time to market with the less strict submitting review.

Android smartphones

Our developers work with all Android OS versions, whether it is KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat or any new one, they can benefit from all OS capabilities empowering your app not only with an attractive UI but also with impressing functionality. Whatever is your purpose of approaching to our software company: help your employees to work more efficiently with a smart mobile app or attract new customers and retain old ones, our team will be happy to realise your ideas. In the end, our software testers will ensure that your application looks, feels, and performs equally well on all Android devices and OS versions.

Android tablets

Android tablets are gaining popularity as available and high-functioning products. For app development, they offer new opportunities for increasing productivity, engagement and monetization. We will take care of layout optimisation to make sure that UI of your program will look excellent on all the variety of Android tablets. Will help you to benefit from the additional screen available without cramping it with confusing visual elements and buttons but creating efficient and intuitive multi-pane UI. Multi-pane UI also simplifies navigation improving user experience. We will help you to benefit from such capabilities as Tethering, Multitasking, and Massive External Storage.

Windows Phones and Tablets

Windows platform has proved its efficiency empowering the largest part of PCs and laptops. That is why it had a good public reaction when Microsoft released Windows OS for mobile devices. Fresh and intelligible design, robust functionality made Windows Phones and Tablets good choice for business people. Custom Windows app development can empower your company and staff with a high-performing and reliable software that increases your productivity. Our software company has access to all top-notch tools and resources for app creation on Windows platform. We can deliver you any app for Windows platform whether you have branding or optimisation purposes.

Our Work

Our process

We keep to established and proven methodologies of software design based on an agile process which implies iterative, interactive, and flexible development quickly responding to any changes and reducing overall risk for our customers. Our experience and hundreds of successful projects show that our approach is a reliable and secure to deliver the results you are expecting. We quickly deliver you tangible results and let you control the whole process providing us with your feedback.

Our clients


Our company provide your application with a stunning user interface which engages users with well-designed animation and smooth graphics. Besides, we think of your brand identity implementing your company logo and other visual elements for better recognition and brand promotion. User experience is also an important aspect of well-designed mobile applications. We strive to reach intuitive and easy-to-use navigation. We analyse your target audience and their expectations to deliver the app they would love to use.

Our mobile app development company always strives to empower our customers and help them to fulfil the potential of devices they use. We develop custom software according to corporate coding standards and guidelines. With the help of numerous SDKs, APIs and Frameworks we implement functionality that meets your business needs. We write qualitative code which will be easy to work with in the future when you need to upgrade your program and integrate some other features according to your evolving demands.

The mobile app market is pretty competitive, but our company will help your project to stand out from other applications with a high-quality product. A bespoke mobile tool can also help you to move your business to the next level. And our QA department will take care of its security, loadability, stress resistance, and overall performance. Our goal is helping our customers succeed and our services are aimed at delivering results that exceed any expectations. Our QA experts test your app on numerous mobile devices to make sure your program has intuitive and easy-to-use user interface and powerful behind-the-scene-functionality performing equally well on any screen.

How to choose the right mobile app development company?

Software creation services are in demand, and it’s difficult to find the right app design agency. Choosing the wrong company you risk to get a buggy and poorly coded program that will become only a waste of time and money. It is important to research and evaluate your potential business partner.

First impression and reputation

First of all, check their portfolio and customers’ testimonials and reviews. Looking at their previous projects you will see what they are capable of. If their interface design appeals to you, there is a high chance you will be satisfied with your app look. Customers’ testimonials can help you to see how they work.

Their Process

It is preferable if the company you choose keep to an agile process of development and uses such methods as Scrum and Crystal. This will give you a room for changes implementation during the development and increase your chances to receive the results that meet your expectations. One argument in favour of development company is a presence of QA team which guarantees a high quality of company services.

Development costs

Software development requires a certain cost. Saving money on your mobile application development will cause increasing expenses on its improvement, debugging or can become a great lost of money. To ensure cost-effectiveness of your investment keep away from companies who require £20 an hour. Average app development cost is about £30,000-40,000. Of course, it is very approximate price, and it depends on your requirements and app complexity. So keep in mind that there is a strong cost vs. quality dynamic.
Don’t hesitate to get in touch with a company representative. Only talking to them you will be able to understand if they are right for you.

Benefits of our collaboration

  • Bespoke mobile app development that caters all your business objectives;
  • Flexible development process based on Agile methods;
  • Wealth of knowledge and experience in multiple industry spheres;
  • Impressive coding skills and usage of the latest innovations;
  • Guarantee of high quality;
  • Free consultancy and expert advice.